About Us

We are a team of footwear & software professionals, who are redefining the way shoes are bought

Latest Technologies with Traditional Craftsmanship

We use latest technologies to bring shoe designs & configurations right to your fingertips. Your choices are brought to life by our artisans using traditional craftsmanship. We are a perfect exammple, where new technology is helping to revive old forgotten skills.

Visulization Studio

Harperwoods visualisation studio is a powerful tool, built using latest technologies, that helps you create unique designs. You can choose the materials as well as colors. You also have option to add your own personal touch like your name or logo onto the shoe. Now you can design & configure your shoe at your fingertips - this is the power of Technology.

Tradtional Craftsmanship

Your design is HAND CRAFTED by our expert artisans, who have been making shoes for generations. We use best quality materials and processes to bring your desires to life, so that you can enjoy them for a long period of time.

Harperwoods is all about optimum use of the bounty provided by nature to Mankind. When you buy a shoe from the market you are not only paying for the shoe you buy, but also for the shoes that have not been sold. That is wastage of your hard earned money. However bigger than that is, the amount of materials that are thrown or destroyed, just to keep the shop windows stocked.

When you get your shoe made, on demand, you are choosing to save the precious resources. Now the shoe would be made just for you. If all of us, move towards ordering what we need, less than half the shoes made today would be produced.

Harperwoods is a step in right direction, one shoe at a time.

Founders Club

This club is an exclusive club of backers, who have put faith in us and backed us when no one knew about us.

You are an integral part of team Harperwoods. Without you, we would not have been here. We value you & your faith in us. We as a team are committed to maintain the trust you have put in us. You have taken the maximum risk and backed us, when no one knows about us.

Founders Club is our way to honour you. As we grow we shall come up with various features & offers, exclusively for you
br/> We have 3 segments of founding backers, depending on the time of entry namely: Pioneer, Daredevil, Adventurous


Pioneers backed our Kickstarter campaign when we had nothing save a video & few pictures. They put their faith in us & pumped us to come into the light. We are grateful to their support and shall always value the association.

Pioneer shall be eligible for discount of atleast 35% off the Maxium Retail Price when purchasing from HW website after commercial launch.


Daredevils are the one who back us when our deliveries have not yet started. Daredevils among the first ones to back us on Indiegogo.

Daredevils shall be eligible for discount of atleast 30% off the Maxium Retail Price when purchasing from HW website after commercial launch.


Adventurous are the ones who back us when our deliveries have started but we are still away from commercial launch.

Adventurous shall be eligible for discount of atleast 20% off the Maxium Retail Price when purchasing from HW website after commercial launch.

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"It is a wonderful start!"

Lisa Stuart - Kickstarter Backer

Well done and good luck with the venture. I'm sure i am like many others and this is a test case. Works out another 10 orders to follow

Lorcan Brophy - Kickstarter Backer


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